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The Cruel Earth – From Seeds No More Than Dust

New Album – From Seeds No More Than Dust

Written and recorded in separate locations during COVID-19 quarantine, From Seeds No More Than Dust is a guitar-driven concept album reminiscent of classic rock favorites like The Wall, Tommy, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandFrom Seeds No More Than Dust is packed with catchy tunes, memorable melodies, and an unforgettable, poignant story.

A family finds itself homeless after being ejected from their idyllic garden dwelling by an angry lord. Forced to live by a shed in the neighbor’s garden, they forge a new life in a hostile land, battling for resources and redemption, struggling to find peace in a turbulent world using the most basic building blocks — love and hope. From Seeds No More Than Dust is a surreal pop journey that explores the trials and triumphs of the spirit that connects plants and people alike. 

Like a seed, From Seeds No More Than Dust is a complete, self-contained entertainment experience, designed to grow with repeated listening. We believe this album offers many unique interpretations. Is this a retelling of a bible parable? An indictment of commercialization and corporate enslavement? Is it about refugees driven from their homeland by violence? A spiritual journey of personal enlightenment? A botantical symphony?

Never stop reaching!

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