Earth, The Mother Of All Tribal Axe Custom Guitars

As black as Amazon soil, as versatile as a musical Swiss Army knife! Comes with three single coil pickups with old-school alnico magnets, a five-position switch, master volume and tone, and a “magical blend knob” that allows for unique pickup combinations.


  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Electronics: SSS pickups with alnico-V magnets, five-position switch, volume/tone/blend knob that turns your single coils into humbuckers
  • Laser engraved headstock
  • Tour-quality gig bag

The Story of Earth, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar

Earth tells the story of black, nutrient-rich Amazonian soil yielding colorful bursts of life!

What Do The Engravings Mean on Earth, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar?

The front of this instrument features Lady Jade (a Wakamuambo wood spirit), the Life Tree (a fertility/prosperity symbol), Lavender Fungi (used in tribal religious ceremonies), and Great G’Mamma Sun hovering over Purple Mountain and Wakamuambo farmland.

The back of Earth shows the terrible scars of Amazon deforestation and the wildlife affected by man’s encroachment. (Clockwise from top) A horned Amazon hawk, grape ape, sad green sloth, heart-faced vole, and the yellow howler — all species sacred to the Wakamuambo that have been driven to near extinction by rainforest loss.