What We Do Best

What is the major difference between an inexpensive mass-produced guitar and a costly, high-end instrument?

Old-fashioned elbow grease!

Sanding, finishing and polishing. A proper finish to the frets, A precise set-up of the action, intonation and truss rod. All done by hand. It’s detailed, labor-intensive work, which is why mass-produced guitars cost a few hundred dollars while a “nice” instrument can cost thousands.

Cool guitars for 200 bucks! World-class instruments for under five!


Rocco & axe, both age 13 years. The stain has darked a shade, but the new black “tuxedo” pick guard with Alnico 5 pickups, makes it appear even darker.

The craftsmen at It’s Your Guitar put in the time and effort, (and sweat and callouses) needed to transform a good instrument into a great one.

We build simple instruments that aim to produce the vintage tones of yesteryear. To do this we use the same quality tone woods (ash, mahogany or alder) as top luthiers, high-output pickups with heavy-duty braided cloth wires and Alnico V magnets (no cheap ceramic here!) and the same craftwork and hand finishing that accompanies timeless instruments. We use eco-friendly low/no VOC stains and sealants to give your instrument a beautiful appearance that brings out the natural grain of the wood, but has virtually no impact on the guitar’s tone or balance. We guarantee a one-of-a-kind instrument, WITH YOUR NAME OR LOGO embossed into the wood. Your guitar will not only play and sound great, it’s ECO-FRIENDLY and AFFORDABLE enough for any musician’s budget!

Your face! Your photo! Your logo! Whatever you want! It’s Your Guitar!