Who Are The Enzertones?

Cairn Terrier-mix, Enzo, is the band’s spiritual leader and public face.

It’s Your Guitar is proud to be the official instrument supplier to The Enzertones!

Band In Da House!

The Enzertones are the house band of the It’s Your Guitar instrument workshop. Every time we finish building a new guitar or bass, we hand it over to the members of The Enzertones for testing. These are professional musicians, (i.e. string-bending maniacs), who know how to put instruments through a thorough workout! 

Enzertones, Cone Of Shame
The Enzertones, Cone Of Shame

The Enzertone Sound

Inspired by ‘60s surf-rock and the British Invasion sound, The Enzertones are primarily an instrumental rock trio, though keyboards and vocals occasionally find their way into Enzertone compositions. The members of The Enzertones prefer to remain anonymous, believing their music speaks for itself. However, band members have performed with The Groovy Coconut Band, Your Name Here, Epic, The Killer Geeks On Wheels, and Love Oven, among other artists. The band’s spiritual leader and public face is an adopted Cairn Terrier-mix named Enzo. We hope Enzo someday finds his way onto this list of famous dogs!

Enzertones Dog Face Boy
The Enzertones, Dog Face Boy

The Enzertones Play IYG!

The Enzertones always record a song or two with new IYG instruments, which we feature on our site. That’s why It’s Your Guitar is proud to provide The Enzertones with all of the guitars and basses they use on tour and in the studio. The Enzertones join other proud (and influential) IYG players like Lyle Chip Chipperson and Brian Keene

The Enzertones Feel My Fangs
The Enzertones Feel My Fangs

Get Your Enzertone Updates in the R&R News! (and maybe win a FREE IYG GUITAR!)

Listen to The Enzertones here!

Check The Enzertones’ latest, “Area 51 Surf Club

The Enzertones, “Area 51 Surf Club”

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