River, A Fluid, Untamed Tribal Axe Custom Guitar

A sonic tone machine that channels the flow and inspiration of the Amazon River! Comes with three single coil pickups with old-school alnico magnets, a five-position switch, master volume and tone, and a “magical blend knob” that allows for unique pickup combinations.


  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Electronics: SSS pickups with alnico-V magnets, five-position switch, volume/tone/magical blend knob that fades the neck pickup into the bridge for Tele tones.
  • Laser engraved headstock
  • Tour-quality gig bag

The Story of River, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar

This guitar tells the story of the mighty Amazon River, which the Wakamuambo rely on for sustenance and survival. Finished in a swirling blue as vibrant and alive as the Amazon River, the front of River features emblems representing the river’s many faces.

What Do The Engravings Mean on River, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar?

The squares are patches of still water, the triangles are flowing water, and the white circles represent turbulent rapids. Also depicted on the front of the instrument are breathtaking etchings of Fishface, Clay Jar, and Molly Mollusk — a few of the Amazon’s daily gifts to the Wakamuambo people.

The story continues on the back of the guitar, where you’ll find a depiction of the legendary Battle of Mud Bog, featuring the “double-eyed comet” that guides Pinky, Monkey, and Purps to victory over the mysterious Green Men and their army of trained attack cayman. Remember Mud Bog!