Sky, A Heavenly Tribal Axe Custom Guitar

Like a gift from the heavens, this slinky six string has come to bring music to the world! From blistering metal to cool jazz, Sky has it covered. Comes with a meaty ceramic humbucker in the bridge and two ceramic single coils in the middle and neck positions, five-way selector switch, master volume, and two tone knobs.


  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Electronics: HSS pickups with ceramic magnets, five-position switch, volume/tone/tone, with the middle and neck pickup swapped for funky Tele tones!
  • Laser engraved headstock
  • Tour-quality gig bag

The Story of Sky, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar

The sky holds the sun, moon, and stars and brings wind, rain, and birdsong. The sky is unbound and free. The Wakamuambo people are blessed when the sky smiles upon them. One thing the rainforest can’t get enough of is rain, and the Wakamuambo people have the sky to thank for that.

What Do The Engravings Mean on Sky, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar?

Sky is finished in a sterling sky blue that is alive with the constant threat of accumulating storm clouds.  Swirling pockets of dark mist serve as a background for Lana, Lordess of Air, and a handful of the many birds and insects that dominate her realm.

The back of Sky shows wind spirits, Lanora Woodhawk, Bobish Blu, Picesia (the flying fish,) and Norkar the Red, wearing his great horned battle helmet, as well as some oversized pollen particles. The Wakamuambo suffer from terrible hay fever. The sky can be cruel.