Sun, A Shining Tribal Axe Custom Guitar

Rising, setting, burning high in the midday sky, we cannot help but heed the sun’s call. Sun, the Tribal Axe guitar, is a dynamic modern instrument in a “classic Strat” package. Comes with three single coil pickups with modern ceramic magnets, a five position switch, master volume, and two tone controls.


  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Electronics: SSS pickups with ceramic magnets, five-position switch, volume/tone/ blend knob that fades the neck pickup into the bridge for Tele tones.
  • Laser engraved headstock
  • Tour-quality gig bag

The Story of Sun, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar

Most of us consider the sun a giant orange ball in the sky. But in the Amazon rainforest, the sun is always filtered through a canopy of leaves. Nonetheless, the sun is still a vital element for the survival of the Wakamuambo people. The filtered sunlight brings life to the herbs and flowers.

Sun, the Tribal Axe custom guitar, doesn’t depict the sun at midday as one might expect. Instead, this is the sun making a grand entrance or a dynamic exit. Sunrise and sunset; the start and the end of the day for the Wakamuambo.

What Do The Engravings Mean on Sun, a Tribal Axe Custom Guitar?

The front of Sun depicts sunset. How do we know? Because the great Wakamuambo deities Selesia and Toad Agnerise are bringing in the darkness from the corners of the earth as they do every day at sundown, warding off the howling purple-faced spirit of nightmare, Jallia.

The back of the instrument is a sunrise scene depicting winged spirits Gosak and Gelat, Martin the Gaunt, Leaphne the Actuary, and Zac Fuzzglow gathered in the predawn darkness awaiting the birth of a new day.