A Custom 5-String Bass, The Blood Tiger Growls

The Blood Tiger is a custom left-handed 5-string bass Rocco and I built in late 2020, commissioned by Grandmaster Horror author, Brian Keene

blood tiger front 2
Check out that spalted maple!

The Gift Of Thunder

Keene wanted a lefty 5-string as a gift for his son. I suggested a few off-the-rack options, but Brian wanted something unique (and wanted to support IYG!) so Rocco and I ordered a five-string lefty kit from BargainMusician.com and got to work making a monster mojo machine. 

blood tiger assembly 1
Rocco and I put the beast together.

Solid Bass Bones

We were very pleased with the quality of this bass guitar kit. The spalted maple top and the mahogany body were quite nice, and the double skunk stripe neck was a joy to hold. Rocco and I finished the neck with tung oil and finished the body with Keda dyes, black, sanded back, then red. The tiger stripes really popped! 

BTheadstock 2
“Commissioned by Keene”

Taming the Tiger

I’m left-handed but play guitar righty. The Blood Tiger was a handful for me lefty, but I was able to flip it upside-down and record a couple of tracks with it, including “Polonium” by The Cruel Earth. Check out the video below! 

Listen to The Blood Tiger growl on “Polonium.”

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