A Tale Of Two Teles

All Telecasters are unique, especially here at It’s Your Guitar. Some get lots of love…others, not so much. Just look at Theresa McTung and Mr. Telly. 


Theresa’s modified control plate puts the volume control closer at hand for volume swell effects.

Theresa McTung made her debut in late April 2018. She sold within two weeks, was returned, and re-sold again a week later. Theresa had several Ebay watchers and generated many emails. What made Theresa so lovable? Was it her sleek, tung-oiled finish? Her fancy, gold-floral pattern bridge, control plate, and knobs?

Whatever “it” is, Theresa McTung has plenty of it. She’s gone off to live the good life in the Hamptons, bearing the enigmatic phrase on her headstock, “Ah, What Then?” The Enzertones took TMT on a final spin before we packed her up and shipped her off. The rocking result is below. Love the sound of those Fender Deluxe Drive pickups!

Mr. T

Meanwhile, Mr. Telly waits patiently, looking out the IYG shop window, wondering when—and if—his new owner will ever find him. He’s been hanging around the shop since his birth in October 2017.

Mr. Telly sports a flashy new control plate and knobs.

Mr. Telly is having self esteem issues. He’s got everything Theresa McTung had, and Meaty Martha before her, and more. Mr. Telly’s got a seamless, set maple neck and contoured body (probably poplar). He’s string-through for added sustain, has roller-string trees, and Wilkinson EZ lock tuners. Mr. Telly sports a sexy matched set of Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pounder pickups that can produce everything from sweet, chimey jazz tones to snarling, rip-yer-face-off heavy metal solos. The beautiful tobacco sunburst may give the impression of a country jangler, but Mr. Telly has low, fast action, and plays like a shredder in the upper registers. In short, Mr. Telly is one of the best guitars we’ve ever played, let alone built. 

Who Will Love Mr. Telly?

So why doesn’t Telly get the love he deserves? Is it because he’s a “Mr” and not Theresa, Martha, or some other female name? Hey, Mr. Telly is gender fluid—he could be Ms. Telly, no problem! Maybe he needs a classic white pickguard, which would give him a Bob Dylan Tele look. We recently gave Mr. Telly a fancy control plate and knobs upgrade (like TMT’s) with the hope it will boost his self esteem. But what Telly really needs is a home with a guitar playing songwriter who will unleash Telly and let him run free and wild in the musical fields! Mr. Telly has a lot to say. His most recent statements are below. Listen to the sonic range on those Duncans!

Who will love Mr.Telly?

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