Lady Jane Brassbone Is A One-Of-A-Kind Custom Acoustic Guitar

A “plain Jane” guitar arrived on the doorstep of the It’s Your Guitar workshop a couple of months ago. Little did we know it was Lady Jane Brassbone!

From basic bones comes a special tone!
From basic bones comes a special tone!
These markings say "lawyers were here."
These markings say “lawyers were here.”

The guitar had no markers, logos, or identifiers of any sort — only a generic stamp showing the instrument was compliant with modern manufacturing codes. We were also advised not to toss the guitar into the garbage. 

Basic Bones, Special Tone

Structurally, the instrument was very similar to many medium to low-end acoustics. It has a two piece spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, a mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. It’s the same ingredients that have produced a hundred thousand acoustic guitars, from Fender, Washburn, and Ibanez. It’s your basic acoustic guitar. 

But there was something special about this instrument, starting with the big block inlays on the fretboard, and the delicate binding on the body. Sure, it’s probably plastic, but it was installed with care and precision, and gives the instrument an elegant vibe. This guitar just needed a little something extra to reveal its true self. 

Rocco admires Lady Jane's big, blocky fretboard inlays.
Rocco admires Lady Jane’s big, blocky fretboard inlays.

A Lady Emerges

First, Rocco and I switched the generic plastic nut and saddle with real bovine bone. Next, we swapped the cheap plastic endpins with real brass pins. Finally, we installed a Fishman Pre-sys+ preamp/pick-up and a good set of strings so this guitar is ready for stage and studio. 

Heavy Necking

Thus, Lady Jane Brassbone was born. 

The headstock engraving is a bit wonky, but still Lady-like!
The headstock is a bit wonky, but still Lady-like, and frankly, better than our usual headstock engraving!

Lady Jane Brassbone is unlike any other acoustic guitar we’ve played. The action is low and fast, yet her tone is warm and mellow. Switching from plastic to bone really knocked out the high ends, producing a warmer, mid-range tone. Think of switching from the bridge pickup to the neck pickup on an electric guitar and you’ll get the idea. Lady Jane Brassbone is all neck!

Lady Jane Brassbone is packed with mojo and magic. Pick her up and you can’t help but be inspired. Original songs flow from this guitar like sweet wine, and she’ll make your cover songs sound groovy too. Lady Jane Brassbone is one of a kind! Check her out on the tracks below!

“Questionable Choice”
Lady Jane and Phat Jaco II in “The Bridge”
Lady Jane Brassbone — The Movie

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