The Jiggs Corner Axe

Do you know this man?


A familiar face along Route 23 in Butler.

If you travel along Route 23 in North Jersey you probably do. It’s Jiggs McAllister of Jiggs Corner Music Saloon on Route 23 in Butler, NJ!

Jiggs Corner has featured great food and live music for the past 30 years—this place deserved an It’s Your Guitar original!

The Good

This guitar couldn’t have been easier to assemble—thirty minutes with a few simple tools and the Jiggs Axe was playable! The finish took a bit longer. Like our Seaside Axe, we used chalk paint to give the guitar a mellow, almost driftwood-like, look. The Jiggs face applied well, but the chalk paint began to come off during sanding, so I had to re-apply white paint before giving it a top-coat. The result is a kind of water-color impressionist view of Mr. Jiggs—not bad!

Mr. Jiggs stares down the neck of the Jiggs Axe! I wish his tie were a bit longer and tucked into the input jack cover! 

The Not-So-Good

There are some paint drips on the side of the headstock that look a bit sloppy. I either need to apply a thicker coat of chalk paint or use a glossy paint for future builds so I don’t have the “fading” issue once graphics are applied.

The End Result

The Jiggs Axe rocks! Check out the track, “Hanging At Jiggs Corner” and listen to the bite and snarl of this beautiful Strat!

Sure, it’s got a tele-type headstock on a strat-type body (the opposite of this tele with a strat neck build) but it gives this instrument a unique character! This guitar is also very light and nimble, weighing in at a mere 5.6 lbs,, a featherweight compared to our chunky Les Paul build. Go Jiggs!

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