A Custom Strat-style Guitar Named Piney

Are you a piney? Do you hail from a simple shack nestled deep in the pines? Do you simply love the look, feel, and sound of a pine-bodied instrument? If so, Rocco and I made Piney for you!

piney front 2
Piney is a pine-bodied Strat-style custom guitar!

Piney is a custom Strat-style guitar. Check out these features:

  • Pine body
  • Vintage maple neck with “red” rosewood fretboard (Real clay dot inlays!)
  • Seymour Duncan pickups in a unique configuration
  • Laser engraved headstock
  • Fully shielded interior cavity
  • Maple pickguard
  • Classic-style tremolo bar

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Pine, Brother!

Pine is an interesting wood. It’s got amazingly detailed grain patterns, it’s lightweight, and has a great tone. But it doesn’t take stain very well. You can see our less-than-stellar staining efforts all over Piney. There are dark sections, light sections, and everything in between. It all works together, contributing to Piney’s distinct look and character.

piney stained
Piney’s stain job is “unusual” to say the least.

Top Shelf Pickups In A Unique Configuration

Piney is powered by a set of Seymour Duncan pickups, SSL-2s in the neck and bridge, and an SSL-6 Custom Staggered in the middle position. We switched the positions of the middle and bridge pickups to give Piney some unique tonal characteristics. In the fourth position, you get the bridge and neck pickups working together to deliver Telecaster-type tones you won’t normally find coming from a Strat. Also, the higher output SSL-6 bridge pickup is now located in the middle position. No boring middle position on this Strat-style axe – Piney’s middle pickup delivers meat and bite!

Piney Five-Way Pickup Selector Switch

  • Position 1 – Middle 
  • Position 2 – Middle and Bridge
  • Position 3 – Bridge
  • Position 4 – Bridge and Neck
  • Position 5 – Neck
pine Seymour duncan
These Seymour Duncan pickups deliver tons of tone!

Cool Appointments

Piney’s neck, body, and pickups were generously donated by Nash Guitars. Rocco and I first put Piney together in April 2021, but it has taken until now to get everything adjusted just right. The pickguard is real wood — maple — so we needed to line it with shielding to block unwanted noise (damn you, single coils)! We shielded the interior cavity too, and now Piney is about as quiet as a Strat can get.

piney maple guard
A genuine maple pick guard adds to Piney’s all-nature vibe and “woodsy” sound.
piney red fretboard
Piney fretboard is a gorgeous red rosewood with real-deal clay dot inlays!
piney enzo-back
Enzo approves of Piney’s awesome grain patterns.
enzo and piney
Enzo – from the IYG house band, The Enzertones – gives Piney two paws up!
piney front
Piney is one of a kind!
piney front stock
Are you a Piney? If so, then it’s your guitar!
piney back stock
Rocco and I tinkered on Piney for a year before we were satisfied with the sound and playability.
piney front1
Piney is ready to be heard!
piney Duncans
A fresh set of Duncan pickups –SSL2 in the bridge and neck and an SSL-6 in the middle.
piney look down
Piney is a tone machine with low, fast action and a classic whammy bar!

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