Epiphone Viola Bass Gets Some TLC

Rock star Chris dropped off this awesome Epiphone Viola “Beatle Bass” that needed a set-up.

We cleaned the bass up with Naptha, leveled and polished the frets, and reset the bridge to the appropriate 30.5″ scale.

Epiphone Viola repair 4
The Epiphone Viola bass gets its frets in line.
Epiphone Viola repair 1
Carefully leveling the frets.
Epiphone Viola repair 2
The dry fretboard really sucked up this Dunlop 65 lemon oil!
Epiphone Viola repair 1
Cleaned up, set up, and ready to rock out!

Chris’ Beatle Bass plays like a dream and sounds like a slice of heaven (or the rumbling pits of hell if you prefer … this short scale wonder has a huge sound).

Check it out on the track below, backing up Fat Matt.

Fat Matt & Chris’ Beatle Bass jam out!

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