Bass Repair Bonanza! We Fixed A Bunch Of Bass Guitar Problems

We repaired a trio of groovy basses recently, including a sleek Carvin 5-string, a custom walnut 5-string, and a thumping Ibanez TMB-100.

Carvin 5 Gets Its Truss Nut Unstuck

New rock star friend Joe stopped by with a beautiful Carvin bass that had a frozen truss rod nut.

Rocco and I were a bit worried we would have to replace a stripped truss rod nut, which can be tricky. But a little WD-40 and elbow grease did the trick.
Now Joe’s bass neck is straight as an arrow. And what a beautiful neck it is! Looks like a curly maple or spalted maple fingerboard.

Either way, this bass, retrofitted with Bartolini pickups, was an amazing player. Glad this worked out, Joe! Beautiful bass!

Listen to Joe’s Carvin 5-string rock out!

Strange Walnut Custom 5-String Gets Fretwork!

Rockstar Alex returned with a custom walnut-bodied five-string bass that needed some fretwork. We leveled the frets and cleaned up the sharp ends. Then we rocked out on this unique bass!

Alex’s Custom Walnut 5 lays down a thick bass line!

Taming Sharp Frets On an Ibanez TMB-100

An old friend needed a set-up on his son’s Ibanez Talman TMB-100 bass. We delivered, turning this mid-level bass into a world-class rocker! Groovy mint green!

Listen to this Ibanez TMB-100 jam out!

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