Cody’s Best Choice Strat-style guitar repaired!

Our next-door neighbor Cody called over our fence the other day and asked if we could repair the Best Choice Strat-style guitar his grandfather gave him when he was a kid. Cody still seems like a kid to me, but he’s a young man and a hard rocker and this well-worn Strat-style BC guitar is living proof.

Over the fence guitar exchange with neighbor Cody.

Best Choice gets new life!

The guitar had a broken pick-up mount, so we replace the pickup for him and installed a new tone knob and output jack. With a fresh set of strings, and set up, this BC was rocking hard. Listen to it here.

We love working on young people’s guitars because they are often decorated with personalized artwork. Cody‘s BC Strat is no exception. Love this artwork. 

Dig the custom artwork!

Interesting side-note — BC stands for Best Choice, a budget brand sold at Walmart as well as other outlets. Dennis’s Red Menace began life as a Best Choice guitar, and now we’ve had the pleasure of working on the company’s Strat-style guitar. Great instruments for the price. Go Best Choice

This pickup mount was broken. Instead of repairing the mount, we replaced the pickup, a tone knob and the input jack.
Custom headstock art.
Cody’s Best Choice Strat-style guitar is a rocker!

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