Super-Duper Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar…Rebirth!

Rebirth sends hugs and kisses! XOXO!

Rocco and I are closing 2019 strong with the release of Rebirth, a custom internally illuminated acoustic-electric guitar. 

Rebirth’s Super Specs

  • Standard Dreadnought size
  • Basswood body
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood(ish) fretboard
  • Flat satin finish on back and neck
  • High gloss glaze on front
  • 41″ long
  • 20 frets
  • Fishman Sys-301 mircophone/piezo pickup system
  • Internal illumination powered by rechargeable batteries (two provided)
  • Golden ratio etching on front face.
  • “Rebirth” laser engraved on headstock
  • On-board compass and cork board
  • On-board peg hook (with compass and cork removed)
  • Signed finish plate —  “Rob/Rocco, 1-of-1” — inside soundhole
  • Comes with a new locking hard-shell case!

Studio and Stage Ready

Rebirth is the companion piece to our other weirdly illuminated acoustic, Rot. Whereas Rot was made for songwriting, Rebirth was built to perform, with two pickups (internal mic + under saddle piezo), offering a while range of tonal control for stage and studio. 

Freaky Features

Rebirth lights up from within, courtesy of a rechargeable USB battery pack. The guitar also comes with a small cork board on the back of the headstock for hanging set lists, lyrics, hats, etc., as well as a liquid-filled compass on the front of the headstock for navigational purposes. (You never know where songs will take you…it’s easy to get lost!) Both the cork and the compass can be removed to create a one-inch guitar hook/hanger/hole on the headstock.

2 Replies to “Super-Duper Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar…Rebirth!”

    1. Thanks, George! Hope to have a couple more illuminated guitars in 2020…as well as some funky Strats and Teles!

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