Badass Black Knight Custom Bass Debuts

Emerging from a foggy, haunted forest of linden trees…it’s the Black Knight custom bass guitar!

The Black Knight reports for duty!
The Black Knight reports for duty!

The Black Knight custom bass guitar features:

  • Genuine Fender P+J pickup set: American Standard P-Bass and N3 Noiseless in the bridge
  • Hand shaped and sanded 24-fret maple neck with hand-rubbed tung oil finish
  • Custom, laser-engraved headstock
  • Lightweight basswood body
  • High mass string-through bridge. 
  • All black hardware
  • Black strap locks
  • Strung with coated, long-lasting DR Black Beauty strings
  • Ships with a FREE form-fitting hardshell case…a $100 value!

Two-Octave Neck

Our Black Knight custom bass guitar is perhaps the greatest bass guitar never made by Fender. The Black Knight has a light-weight basswood body (hence its emergence from a haunted forest of linden trees) and a full, 24-fret, two-octave maple neck that we hand-shaped, sanded, and finished with tung oil. 

Black Don’t Crack

The Black Knight takes his blacked out appearance seriously. He’s got all black hardware — even the input jack plate and neck screws are black — and a high-mass string-through bridge for added sustain. Rocco and I even installed heavy duty black strap locks. Go nuts on stage…spin the Black Knight over your head like a helicopter…these strap locks welcome the punishment! (Even if your bandmates do not.)  To complete the look, the Black Knight is strung up with DR Black Beauty coated strings which deliver an incredible tone and extended string life. They also look super cool!

Guts Of A Fender 

The only chrome you’ll find on the Black Knight are the circular tips of the Alnico magnets in its pickups — which are the heart-and-soul of the Black Knight. We installed a pair of genuine Fender pickups in the Black Knight — a warm, punchy American P-Bass pickup coupled with an N3 Noiseless in the bridge. This amazing P+J pickup set is a sonic monster, capable of delivering everything from low, throaty growls to clear, bell-like highs. Plus, these pickups are quiet as a church mouse, perfect for recording or stage work. The Black Knight might be the best sounding bass we’ve ever built — and when you look back on Ma HogSir PurplePhat Jaco, and Ray, that’s really saying something! 

Heirloom-Quality Headstock

Perhaps the most distinct feature of the Black Knight is its custom engraved headstock. An elegant “BK” is joined by the image of a knight’s helmet, both engraved with laser precision into the wood, given a whisper-thin coat of black stain, and sealed with lacquer. The headstock itself is heirloom quality, but the rich sound and comforting feel of this bass are what sets it apart from other instruments in its class. In fact, the Black Knight is alone in its class, without peer, a one-of-a-kind bass ready to conquer the world!
The Black Knight…it’s your guitar, right? 

Listen to the Black Knight on the tracks below!

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