Fire Woman is a 335-style six-string burner!

Introducing Fire Woman, a luscious, wine-red 335 ES-style guitar that can melt your face … or warm your heart!

Fire Woman Specs

  • style: 335-style double cutaway
  • Semi hollow maple body
  • classic electronics: 2 humbuckers, 2V, 2T, 3-way switch
  • maple neck
  • rosewood fingerboard
  • Low action
  • fast frets
  • Pro set-up – Fire Woman is ready to rock!

Love At First Sight

Go ahead, look at her f-holes. Fire Woman isn’t shy. She likes the way your gaze makes her feel. (Fire Woman come with a sexy black pickguard if you’re into formal wear.)The only thing she craves more is your touch. Wrap your hands around her neck. Strum her strings. Once you hear her, you’ll be hooked. 

Fire Woman 2

Fire Woman 1

The Fire Woman Effect

That’s the way it is with Fire Woman. She has that effect on guitarists regardless of gender. She’s a player’s guitar, ready to rock hard on a Saturday night and back the church choir on a Sunday morning. Any day of the week, morning, noon, or night, Fire Woman is ready to make music. Are you? Is Fire Woman your guitar?

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