Repaired Fender FA-135ce

A group of guy stopped by one morning with this weather Fender acoustic. The bridge was lifting and the guitar was unplayable. Rocco and I:

  • Removed the old bridge, cleaned it, and glued it back in place
  • We cleaned the fretboard — lots of gunk the sign of a loved and played guitar!
  • We loveled and polished the frets 
  • Strung it up witih a new set of Daddario’s 
  • Installed a new 9-volt in the Fishman pick-up system
  • Lemon oil on fretboard and bridge

By the time we were finished this humble acoustic went from garbage can dud to recording studio stud! Check it out on the track below. 

Repaired Fender FA135ce

The guy came back for his Fender a few days later. It told him the job would only be $30 but once he heard what Rocco and I died tipped us and extra ten. Thanks, bro! Really wish I had asked your name or the name of your friend who owned the guitar! Sometimes I forget the business basics.

Rock on guys!

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