Gibson SG Neck Snap Repaired!

Rocco and I helped out Rockstar Saul, who had a broken neck on his Gibson SG. These are common but often fatal errors for Gibson electric guitars. The angle of the Gibson headstock is deeper than the back of the guitar, so if your Gibson falls on its back, the headstock hits first, inevitably cracking the neck.


Tightbond, Clamp, & Sand

Fortunately, Roc and I used TightBond wood glue and clever clamping to get everything back in one piece. We did some finishing work with super glue and extra fine sandpaper. 

Ready To Rock Again

It’s not the prettiest repair in the world, but it’s fully functional and feels smooth. We tested Saul’s SG by playing “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and the theme from “M.A.S.H.”

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