Hondo II is a Korean-made gem!


Guitar Man Joe brought us another funky classic—a tobacco sunburst Hondo II Les Paul copy. Joe even has the original sales receipt for this guitar, bought for $120 in June 1980 at Sam Ash in Paramus, NJ!

The Hondo II reborn, repaired, and ready to rock!

Home Repairs Gone Bad

These instruments are praised for the quality of their construction, with a lineage that goes back to the famed Matsumoku factory in Japan and the Samick-run factory in Korea. Joe’s Hondo II is a beefy beauty; she weighs in at 8.5 lbs but feels heavier. She came to us in rough shape—a broken input jack, a bowed neck, and a backwards bridge pickup, pickup rings, and tune-a-matic bridge.

Rock Ready

Cleaned-up and repaired—including installing a chrome pick-up cover and a black selector switch tip—the Hondo II was back in action. This almost 40-year-old instrument plays and sounds great, delivering a vintage Gibson tone, with classic clarity and crunch courtesy of the DiMarzio bridge pick-up.

Check out Guitar Man Joe’s Hondo II on the tracks below!

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