Jennifer Dark, Mistress Of The Night

She’s dark, mysterious, and capable of anything, from a tear-jerking squeaky-clean blues to rip-yer-face-off metal. Meet Jennifer Dark. 

Jennifer Dark is a sleek and sexy songbird!

Dark Twin

Jennifer Dark is the twin sister of Jennifer Light. The instruments share the same DNA—solid mahogany bodies and necks, flamed maple tops, and genuine Grover Rotomatic machine heads. These girls have the bone structure of true-blue Les Pauls, only with better tuners. 

Sound Machine 

Hot-Rodded Humbuckers! Suddenly, Seymour!

Jennifer Dark is powered by a pair of Seymour Duncan Hot-Rodded Humbuckers. These versatile pickups were developed by Seymour Duncan in England, 1974, and they remain his favorite set of pick-ups to this day. This matched set of humbuckers deliver, pure, rich tones in both the neck and bridge positions. Both the pick-ups can be tapped for single coil sounds by pulling up on the tone knobs. There’s nothing Jennifer Dark can’t do…and nothing she won’t. 

Galactic Heart, Chrome Accents

Jennifer Dark’s black-burst finish revealed some surprise imperfections in her maple top. A purplish, nebula-like pattern hovers near the bridge tone knob like a newborn universe, while the gray, tiger-stripe flames dissolve into blackness. After looking into mirrored pick guards, Jennifer Dark opted to go “guard less”, and chrome knobs and pick-up rings are the perfect accents to her dark beauty. 

Listen to Jennifer Dark’s impressive versatility on the tracks below!


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  1. Hello my name is Robert Ferraro, I live in Wayne. I was looking at the Jennifer Dark Les Paul. How much does something like that go for??

    Thank you

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