Is Sandy Oceania The World’s Greatest SG?

Rising from the ocean surf like a musical goddess — it’s Sandy Oceania! We call Sandy the coolest SG ever built and we mean it! Sandy Oceania is truly, a one-of-a-kind confluence of art and instrument!

Sandy is ready to rock
Sandy is ready to rock!

Birth Of Cool

Born from the same humble origins as the IYG Fool, Sandy Oceania took a very different life path, becoming a work of art unto herself rather than imitating an existing piece of art. Both instruments feature mahogany necks and bodies, stop tailpieces, and tune-a-matic bridges — the same basic ingredients used in classic Gibson SGs. But you won’t find anything as unique and toneful as Sandy Oceania outside of Gibson’s Custom Shop.  We believe Sandy Oceania surpasses anything Gibson’s Custom Shop can produce. Why? Sandy is simply cooler!

Sandy O catches some rays!
Sandy O catches some rays!

Go With The Grain

Sandy was painted by artist and animal rights activist Sandy Lessuck. We made the mistake of giving Sandy an unsealed guitar body to paint, so the wood pores and grain effect the finish. To us to adds texture to the guitar. Sandy Oceania is finished with a gloss lacquer and buffed to a shine, but she’s not smooth as glass like a guitar factory finish. Sandy was built with love and caring, and if she’s a little rough around the edges then it only adds to her charm. 

Sandy's hand-painted, laser engraved truss rod cover ties everything together!
Sandy’s hand-painted, laser-engraved truss rod cover ties everything together!

Imperfection Make Perfect

Imperfections are what make Sandy Oceania so perfect. As stated, she’s all about texture and feel, not polish and flash. The artist’s brush strokes are not only visible, they’re tangible. There are a couple of dents in her finish. Yellow scars from an early clear coat failure are visible on her back. These are “imperfections,” but to us they’re beauty marks, identifiers of Sandy Oceania’s singular sound and charm. 

Pickup Power

Rocco and I considered buying some fancy pickups for this guitar but — after playing and recording with Sandy for a few weeks — decided she doesn’t need them. This guitar sounds great even without plugging it in! Sandy is just packed with tone. As a result, the pickups we installed — Asian-made ceramic humbuckers similar to those found in mid-level Epiphones and Ibanezes, etc — sound fantastic. Sandy’s voice is strong, clear, and wholly unique. Check out the song samples below and see for yourself. We didn’t want to add another $200 to Sandy’s price tag with an unnecessary upgrade —but if Sandy Oceania’s final owner would like a different sent of pickups installed, let us know and we’ll work something out.


  • Mahogany neck and body
  • Hand-painted oceanic front with lacquer finish
  • Hand-painted “fish belly silver” back
  • Hand-shaped neck with satiny smooth tung oil finish
  • Laser engraved headstock —  “Sandy Oceania” and trident
  • Laser engraved rear headstock — “Sandy Oceania, It’s Your Guitar 2020, Number 1 of 1”
  • Classic twin humbucking pickups, 2V, 2T, 3-way selector
  • Chrome knurled knobs (for added brilliant and texture)
  • Brass nut
  • Looks great with pick guard or without! Pickguard is currently pressure fitted between the pickup rings. The final owner of Sandy Oceania can choose to screw it into place or not. There are currently no pick guard holes in the body of this guitar. 

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