VIDEO UPDATE! Meet Gary Giveaway!


Gary, our blue-burst Strat-style guitar, was given away to a lucky newsletter subscriber!

Building guitars is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get. Some guitars are more than the sum of their parts, others turn out a little less. IYG’s Gary is a glowing example of the former. Everything fit together just right, and the electronics were surprisingly bright, lively, and expressive. This guitar looks and sounds great, even better than we expected…and Rocco and I expect a lot.

Sharp Dressed Gary

Leo Fender’s classic Stratocaster-design fits Gary to a T. A beautiful blue-burst finish over Paulowina wood gives Gary killer looks and appeal—every girl’s crazy for a sharp dressed man! We wish we could take credit for the finish, but Gary’s come to us that way.

Gary So Blue

With a maple fretboard and a smooth, hand-rubbed oil finish, Gary’s neck is a pleasure to play! The classic SSS pick-up configuration is surprising versatile—unlike many Strat-style guitars, Gary’s tone knobs actually work! Listen to Gary sing on the tracks below. “Gary So Blue” is an ambient masterpiece!

Gary Given Away

Gary has the distinction of being IYG’s first free giveaway guitar. Well, not the first guitar we’ve given away, but the first we’ve given away to a random mailing list subscriber. On January 28, Rocco’s 16th birthday, we scrolled through our mailing list and Rocco pointed to a name at random. This month’s winner was Pete S. from Massachusetts. Pete was “wicked stoked” to win our contest. Congratulations, Pete, and give Gary a good home that he can blow the roof off of!

Gary looks great, plays great, and sounds great!


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  1. Thanks., guys for putting the the “not real good at the blues Gary giveaway winner” on your site, thanks, my friends

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