Jam A Little Longer With Big Red!

Big Red is a big, red kick-ass P-Bass!

Huge tone in a lightweight bass, Big Red is a candy-apple red Precision Bass-style guitar with a custom cut pick guard!

Bigger Is Better

Big Red is not your basic P-Bass. Featuring a Wilkinson high output pick-up and a lightweight Paulowina wood body, Big Red delivers big tone!

Sweet & Simple

Like a pulley or a serrated knife, the P-Bass is a simple machine. One split coil pickup, one volume pot, and one tone knob capture and deliver the array of sounds this bass is capable of producing Need it tight and punchy? Pluck, pick, or slap near the bridge. Like it deep and round? Anchor your thumb where the neck meets the body and unleash some ginormous, plushy notes. In the hands of a capable player — you? —Big Red is an unparalleled tone machine!

Look! My pudgy fingers are reflected in the shiny chrome tuners!

Smooth Feel

A smooth, unfinished neck makes Big Red a pleasure to play, fast and nearly frictionless. The actions is low, the intonation true, and every note on this 21-fret rosewood fingerboard sings!

Big Red features:

Pickups: Wilkinson  high-output

Body: Paulowina

Neck: Unfinished maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Bridge: Classic Fender-style

Weight: 6.8 lbs. (light!)

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