RE-HOMED! Marybeth Goldtop!

Meet Marybeth Goldtop!

Marybeth is a very special girl, featuring a solid mahogany neck and body, and a gold, flamed maple top finished with genuine classic Gibson Goldtop paint (made with real bronze dust!)

Retro Girl

Marybeth is a retro girl, reminiscent of a time when the United States made world class products that were built to last. Marybeth is that kind of girl—fun, faithful, and spirited, with a unique voice that is wholly all-American.

Marybeth projects class and elegance!

Marybeth’s back is a beautiful, grainy, reddish brown.

Mahogany & Humbuckers

You can’t go wrong with mahogany and humbuckers when you’re cooking up a great guitar tone. Marybeth has the sound you seek. From smooth to screaming, buttery to burning, Marybeth delivers with unmatched sustain and clarity. A classic Tune-a-matic bridge and stop tailpiece, rosewood fingerboard, 3+3 tuners. The mounting post installation is a little rough…but Marybeth is hand-made in the USA!

The gold finish isn’t flawless, but it is eye-catching!

Gold Dust Woman

Getting a flawless gold top finish is a challenge, and you won’t find a flawless finish on Marybeth either. She’s a bit shy about it, but we think she’s beautiful… radiant…golden… Once you see her, behold her bold, cream accents, we’re sure you’ll agree. And once you hear her on the tracks below, you’ll want her for your own!

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