Meet Mr. Telly!

Mr. Telly = badass!

Don’t mess with Mr. Telly—he’ll mess you up! Mr. Telly is a unique modern Telecaster-style instrument. What sets Mr. Telly apart from other teles?

Mr. Telly Features:

  • A glued-in set neck and specially contoured body gives Mr. Telly unbelievable sustain and playability.
  • Genuine Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups give Mr. Telly punch, power, and tonal range far beyond the capabilities of other Telecaster-type guitars.
  • String-through body.
  • Modern, six-saddle Wilkenson tele bridge
  • 6-in-line Wilkenson EZ lock tuners
  • An eye-catching combination of black and chrome hardware on a traditional, tobacco sunburst finish.
  • Canadian hard rock maple neck with maple fretboard.

Odd Duck, Cool Cat

Mr. Telly is an odd duck. The neck is thick and chunky up to the 12th fret, with the feel of a vintage telecaster. But from frets 12-22, the neck gets thin and wide, with a very generous contour, allowing full, fast access to the guitar’s upper frets. Mr. Telly has a split personality—classic country-rock beef through the 12th fret, and a modern metal shredder in the upper register. Every IYG instrument is one-of-a-kind, but you won’t find one more usual or versatile guitar than Mr. Telly!

Heavy Duty Performance

Mr. Telly hangs out.

Mr. Telly is no lightweight. Despite his lightweight Paulina wood body, he still tips the scales at a bulky 11.8 lbs. He has the feel and build of a “workhorse” guitar, designed to stay in tune and deliver amazing sound no matter how long and hard you play it.

One blemish. Rocco got a little over zealous while installing the string ferrules on the back of the guitar. There are two dings in the finish that I did my best to repair (see photos). Playability, sound, and appearance is otherwise unaffected. We’re learning to be more careful when using hammers — might be time for a rubber mallet!

Second blemish. The relatively simple string tree installation turned into a goat rodeo. The wood was hard, the screws were soft, and three snapped off before I got it right. I tried to position the roller trees to minimize the visual impact, but we both know it’s there.


In all honesty, Mr. Telly was more of an “assembly” than a “build.” We got the body and neck here, the pick-ups here, and the hardware here and here.  But when we put it all together, the whole became more than the sum of its parts. Mr. Telly was alive and electric! This guitar rocked our world…and now he’s ready to rock yours. Mr. Telly needs a loving home! Is it yours?

Price: $350 Listen to Mr. Telly on the track below!

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