Update! Michael Schenker Goes Home To The Horror Show!

No actual dinosaurs were harmed during the construction of Michael Schenker Killed A Dinosaur.

Michael Schenker Killed A Dinosaur, our “blood-splattered” mahogany flying V, was placed with its new owners, the hosts of The Horror Show With Brian Keene Podcast, at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival in Haverhill, MA this past weekend. In addition to hanging with Brian Keene, Dave Thomas, and Mary SanGiovanni, I got to meet a bunch of other outstanding authors, including Paul Tremblay, Tim Lebbon, and Joe Hill. Another successful IYG delivery!

Grandmaster Of Horror, Brian Keene, serenades High Priestess of Terror, Mary SanGiovanni, with MSKAD, while podcast co-host Dave Thomas looks on uncomfortably and I look goofy.

It was great meeting Joe Hill at the 3rd Annual Merrimack Valley Book Festival. I told him his story” Pop Art” moved me to tears … I think I weirded Joe out.




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