New! Theresa McTung is an all-natural beauty!

Theresa McTung is the perfect blend of class and sass! This custom-built Telecaster-style instrument features a swamp ash body, custom neck with block wood block inlays and binding, artisan bridge and control plate, and a sweet tone that will makes your ears hap-hap-happy!

Theresa McTung, reporting for duty!

Native Tung

Hand-rubbed tung oil gives Theresa a gorgeous finish!

For a time I called Theresa “Tele Tungy” because she’s finished with hand-rubbed tung oil, which brings out the beautiful grain of her swamp ash body. It looks like a Fender Telecaster…but Theresa McTung is far better than a Fender.

Artisan Touches

This is called a “gold floral” pattern. I call it snazzy!

For starters, this tele has an artisan-crafted bridge, control plate, and knobs. Check out that fancy gold floral pattern (and bear in mind, there’s still a protective plastic coating on the knobs and plate—the new owner of this instrument gets to peel the plastic, including the pick-guard!).

Next Level Neck

Theresa’s offset headstock means perfect string tension with no string trees!

Theresa McTung also has a custom neck with big block inlays and an angled headstock—no need for string trees here! The wood binding on the body blends perfectly with the neck binding and inlays, tying this instrument together into a beautiful unified whole. 

Modern Mods


The modified control plate puts the volume control closer at hand for volume swell effects.

Modifications? We got ‘em! Theresa McTung includes as coveted Tele mod—reversing the control plate so the volume control is closer at hand for volume swells and other effects. (Rock on, Bill Kirchen, King of Dieselbilly!





Listen to Theresa and MaHog on the tracks below!

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