Varicose Mini Makes A Big Noise

It’s weird! It’s wonderful! It’s the Varicose Mini!

The Varicose Mini is one of the most unique and strange instruments IYG has ever created. 

From Mini To Maxi

Some guitars surprise you with how beautifully they come together, and the Varicose Mini certainly fits into that category. It began life as a Fender Mini Stratocaster, a three-quarter size instrument with a short scale neck. But we bolted on a full-scale, Tele-style neck with a brass nut, and the results were magical! Set up with low action, a thin, ash neck with a rosewood fretboard, and a versatile HSH pick-up configuration, the Varicose Mini is easy to play and wonderful to hear. Rock, blues, jazz, country, modern fusion—the Varicose Mini does it all in a tight, light 4.2 lb package! 

Heart Of A Beast

Is that a heart? A spleen? There’s something decidedly organic going on with the Varicose Mini pick guard.

This instrument has heart… or some type of internal organ depicted on its pick guard. A network of blue and red veins run across the top of the body. The bridge is a classic Fender-style tremolo. The whammy arm looks especially long compared to the dwarfish body, but and allows for wild dive bombs. Coupled with the near-frictionless brass nut, the Varicose Mini holds its tuning amazingly well, standing up to all the string bends and whammy bar antics you can dish out!

Internal Combustion

The Varicose Mini features one volume knob, one tone knob, and a surprisingly versatile five-way selector switch allowing you to choose between the bridge humbucker, single coil in the middle, or humbucker in the neck position. The back plate is clear, so you can see the tremolo springs, and a vein-like blue ground wire. The Varicose Mini is a living science fair project, a steam-punk machine gone musically mad! 

Look inside! Wires! Springs!

You Can Even Say It Glows

Did we mention the Varicose Mini glows in the dark? 

Imagine how awesome this guitar will look on a dark stage (or your dark bedroom), or under a black light. The Varicose Mini’s unusual good looks aren’t for everyone. We think she’s beautiful. Play her and you’ll agree. The Varicose Mini will melt your face off and warm your heart!

That’s right! The Varicose Mini glows in the f-ing dark!

Listen to the Varicose Mini on the tracks below! This tiny axe will blow you away!


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