Red Menace: A Custom 335-Style Guitar

Red Menace is a semi-hollow, custom 335-style guitar with a maple body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, and tons of attitude!

IYG 335 fill frontal
IYG’s Red Menace means business!

Menace Of The Forest

Once upon a time, there was a big, bully maple tree that used to push around the other trees. It grew tall, spread wide, and sucked up all the sunlight for itself. But eventually big bullies get tamed. Loggers felled the cantankerous maple and sent it to the wood mill. There, the angry heart of this savage maple was discovered by a luthier who shaped it into a neck and soundboards. Those pieces were passed to another luthier who put them together and finished it candy apple red. Finally, the roughly assembled instrument made it’s way across the seas to

IYG335 red menace
Red Menace reporting for duty!

Red Menace Emerges

Rocco and I transformed this humble guitar into the fiery rock ’n’ roll machine it was meant to be. Sure, you can play all the quiet blues and smooth jazz you want with Red Menace — semi-hollow 335-style instruments are ideal for that style of music. But Red Menace wants more. It wants to be heard. It wants to be felt. It wants to growl and snarl and scream. 

Legendary Roots

Cast from the same mold as Alvin Lee’s iconic Gibson ES-335 named “Big Red,” IYG’s Red Menace can cover a broad spectrum of musical styles. Maple body, maple neck, and high output humbucking pickups offer tons of sustain and infinite mojo. Red Menace is a force to be reckoned with. The heart of an angry maple tree lives inside this guitar. Red Menace is ready. Are you? 

Is Red Menace your guitar? 

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