Ghostbusters Tribute Guitar Is A Real Screamer!

Ghostbusters Tribute Guitar Debuts!

Who you gonna call? Jeff called to get a custom Ghostbusters guitar made! 

tele preruined
Who you gonna call for an affordable custom guitar?!

Bustin’ Loose

Jeff wanted a guitar similar to the one Ghostbusters musician Ray Parker Junior played. Rocco and I crafted this custom telecaster to Jeff’s specifications. We encountered a tragic fail during the final finish, so we needed a restart on this project.

Our first finishing attempt was a terrible fail. Back to the drawing board!

Eventually we got the beautiful instrument you see today! This Ghostbustin’ axe is being shipped off to Jeff in North Carolina. Rock on! You ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

This guitar is a great player! Check it out on the tracks below!

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