The Largesse of Bill Nash

Earlier this year, Rocco and I put together a custom telecaster and dubbed it Nash after Nashville…Music City, USA! 

Our controversial tele named Nash.

Little did we know that custom luthier Bill Nash, who builds beautiful aged instruments, owns the trademark to the name “Nash guitar.” He asked us to remove our Nash Tele from Reverb. We didn’t. Then he had Reverb take it down. I sent Bill an unhappy email about how he made building guitars with a severely autistic son even more difficult.


Bill was all apologies and offered to send us a box of stuff. I told him he didn’t have to, no hard feelings. (Our Nash Tele sold on eBay the first week it was listed…all’s well that ends sold!) 

Big Box-O-Goodies!

But a week later a giant box of gear showed up from Nash Guitars. Four bodies, four necks, and a vast assortment of pickups and pickguards. Rocco and I can turn this box of unused parts into four fantastic instruments! 

Nash unboxing guitar stuff 1
Lots of goodies in this big Bill Nash donation box!

Four Guitars Wait To Be Born!

Here are our tentative plans for the “Bill Nash Box”: 

  • Fat Matt. Bill sent us two heavy ash Telecaster bodies painted TV yellow. There was also a thick, old-school Tele neck with the words “Fat Matt” written on the heel. Was “fat matt” a note about the neck finish, like, a thick “matte” lacquer? Did it mean the neck was thicker than expected and deemed unusable? We know! It means create a ‘50s style, built-like-a-tank Telecaster-style guitar, and name it Fat Matt!
  • Piney. This beautiful pine strat body matches perfectly with the maple/rosewood neck. Piney is going to be a woody wonder!
  • Bladez Custom Tele. Freddy at Bladez Barber Shop has cut Rocco’s hair since Rocco was in second grade. He’s a very patient man, and he gives haircuts to a lot of special needs kids. Bladez Barber Shop deserves a cool custom axe, and we like the idea of keeping Bill Nash’s act of kindness going. 
  • Nil Bash. Speaking of Bill Nash, we’re going to transform this heavy ash Tele body and reverse headstock Strat neck into a monster Partscaster named Nil Bash! Not sure what pickups are going in this one, but Nil Bash will be weird. 
fat matt guitar neck
Are you Fat Matt? Is this your guitar?
headstocks fat Matt and piney
Engraved Custom Headstocks — Fat Matt and Piney

Thanks, Bill Nash!

Thanks again to Bill Nash for turning what could’ve been a downer incident into it overall positive. We like spreading good vibes around!

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