The Fool III: Our 3rd Eric Clapton replica guitar is born!

Another Fool, Eric Clapton replica guitar is born!

front of Fool replica guitar
Antonello’s Fool.

Overseas Commission

In August 2020, Rocco and I were contacted by Antonello in Venice, Italy. 

Antonello wanted us to build him a Fool replica after seeing our Fool I and Fool II online. 

Rocco and I were reluctant (well, I was reluctant). I didn’t want to ship overseas — it’s expensive and there are often hassles with customs. 

Plus, building Fools is difficult. Other guitars and basses are easy…just put the parts together. But Fools are delicate pieces of psychedelic art. 

Try, Try Again

We tried a different method this time around using laser printout and epoxy. Our first results were mixed, so we tried again. And again. 

By now it was February 2021, and I still didn’t have Antonello’s guitar finished. Rocco and I buckled down the last six weeks and finally completed this project. 

Fool guitar in progress
Antonello’s Fool guitar in progress.

The Finest Fool

Antonello’s Fool is our finest Fool Eric Clapton replica guitar yet. It’s far from flawless, but the finish is decent and it plays and sounds great. To make up for all the delays I put a pair of vintage Bill Lawrence pickups taken from a Gibson Invader. It’s a beautiful-sounding pair of humbuckers, though I wish they weren’t zebra stripped. I see dings and dents in this guitar but hopefully, Antonello sees a beautiful instrument. 

Fool guitar frontal
Fool guitar frontal.

Steep Shipping

After paying shipping that cost more than most airline tickets Antonello received his guitar this month. Rocco and I don’t plan on any more international sales, but we’re proud there’s an IYG guitar in Venice, making music. That’s Amore!

Addendum: Rocco and I are almost finished with our Fool IV…but after this one no more!

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