The Thompson Iceman is totally chill

For the last couple of months, Rocco and I have been working on this special Iceman-style guitar. On Oct 23, 2021 Samantha and Stephen became Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. This guitar was a gift from Samanatha to Stephen. 

iceman 1
The Iceman cometh!

Ice Blue Iceman

Finished with reflective blue chrome, this guitar features a poplar body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The pickups are high output screamers. 

It took Rocco and I four tries — painting, stripping, laser etching, and repainting — before we were (semi-) satisfied with the result. Hopefully Stephen will see this guitar’s finishing flaws as unique beauty marks. Regardless, this instrument plays and sounds great. Check it out on the tracks below. 

Congrats Samantha and Stephen!

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