Chippy Ki-Yay, Chippacaster!

Chip solemnly overlooks the classic ashtray-style bridge on his custom “Chippacaster.”

Fawk yea! The Chippercaster  guitar is a metal machine with a sensitive side, just like the world’s greatest podacast host, Chip Chipperson!

Chip jams out on his custom IYG Chippacaster on The Chip Chipperson Podacast 035.

Sick F**kin’ Puppy

This souped-up telecaster-style guitar is capable of handling any musical chore, from screaming, heavy metal leads, to quiet, emo tear-jerkers (Like Lyle Chairperson’s modern classic, “I’ll Make Love To You With My Heart…As Well As My Pecker”!)

Chip grabs his axe, much to the horror of Anthony Cumia, Christina, and Lenny Marcus.

Captain Chipperson of The Good ‘Chip Jocularity.

Burnin’ Embers

The Chippacaster is finished in gorgeous arctic white and features a custom black pick-guard (with Lyle’s name chipped into the surface—“chipped”…get it? *tsk*). Chip’s image is featured in living color on both the front and back of the instrument, and the guitar’s headstock salutes, “Captain Chipperson” of “The Good ‘Chip’ Jocularity.” Listen to this guitar blaze on the track below—”Captain Chipperson feat. Sir Purple.” Home run, Chippacaster!


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