SOLD! – Sir Purple Is In Bloom!

To Sir Purple, with love!

Update 12/1/17 – Sir Purple has been placed in a loving new home in Rhode Island!

Like many children, Sir Purple — IYGs first bass build —was a happy accident. I envisioned a purple sunburst — but got an intergalactic shitstorm! The end result is still pretty snazzy — a lush purple riot that goes from near-black on the edges to a light lilac in the middle of the back. The front of Sir Purple is a consistent shade of violet. Paired with a custom-made, handcrafted, 22-fret neck, Sir Purple is a bottom-end monster!

Sir Purple Features:

  • Custom-made neck with artisan mother-of-pearl “sunburst” inlay
  • Classic, split-coil P-bass pickup
  • Brass nut
  • Heavy-duty Wilkinson bridge with brass saddles
  • Custom cut pickguard
  • 22 frets
  • 34” scale
  • Locking strap pins
  • Double button-style string retainers
  • Knurled metal volume and tone knobs
  • Ships strung with La Bella stainless steel strings
  • Price: $350 (Cheap!)

The Brass Ring

The secret to Sir Purp’s killer tone and sustain is the combination of a solid brass nut and solid brass saddles on a heavy-duty Wilkinson bridge. With heavy mass and end-to-end brass, Sir Purple’s strings sing!

Double string retainers adorn a wide-open headstock that awaits your signature or logo.

Heavy Necking

Beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay work makes this bass neck a work of art!

This custom neck is a work of art, crafted by a master luthier in the remote Gansu region of China. The inlay is genuine mother-of-pearl set in an eye-grabbing sunburst pattern. I custom-ordered this neck for my Life Bass, but couldn’t bring myself to replace the Life Bass’s original neck (that neck and body were meant for each other)! As a result, Rocco and I set out to build a bass worthy of this gorgeous neck — and we succeeded! Listen to Sir Purple on the track(s) below and hear for yourself!


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