The BOSS, our road-ready Springsteen replica guitar, gets to work!

Yes! A Springsteen replica guitar that looks great, plays great, and sounds great! The BOSS, our latest road-ready replica, pays tribute to New Jersey’s own, Bruce Springsteen!

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Buy this guitar! Learn how to make it talk!
Hear The BOSS rage on two new tracks!


You know who this guitar represents, even if your not from Jersey! Bruce Springsteen bought a guitar similar to this one back in 1973 and he learned how to make it talk.

Springsteen’s classic axe is a Franken-Fender hybrid with a 1950s Telecaster body and an Esquire neck. It is seen — and heard — on classic albums like Born To Run, Springsteen Live, and Born In The USA

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If Bruce was obese.


The BOSS is a fairly faithful replica to Springsteen’s classic guitar. The body is basswood and the neck is maple. The pick-ups have a period appropriate output. The bridge is a classic ashtray style. The neck profile is a thick “C” that’s not overly chunky, just like those early Telecasters (er, Esquires). But, despite it’s high-gloss finish, the neck is sealed but otherwise bare, giving it a fast, smooth, woody feel.

Springsteen replica headstock 2
IYG Springsteen replica guitar headstock detail 2.


The BOSS is a slinky and sly player, however, capable of handling any musical chore, from hard rock to delicate soul. The front of the headstock features a laser-etched image of Springsteen along the phrase “The Boss.” The back of the headstock is etched with the phrase “The Boss / / September 2020 / #1 of 1.”

Don’t waste your life waitin’ on a moment that just won’t come…make The BOSS yours! 

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