Introducing Blue Ridge Fuzz – Handmade Fuzz Pedals

The Blue Ridge Mountains began forming around 400 million years ago. Give or take. 80 million years later plate tectonics caused Europe and North America to collide, pushing the mountains up to great heights. For a while they were one of the tallest mountain ranges in the world, rivaling the Alps. Time and erosion have since ground them down, with Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina now being the highest peak at 6,684 feet above sea level. 

A pair of handmade Blue Ridge Fuzz pedals custom built by MZFX

A Handmade Fuzz Pedal That Levels Mountains

What does any of this have to do with the Blue Ridge Fuzz? Not too much actually. However, for a time, all analog hand-wired circuitry was the highest peak, the pinnacle of human achievement for guitar effects pedals. Time and erosion came in the form of logic gates and integrated circuits. Digital circuitry became the Alps, largely overshadowing the achievements of the lowly discreet component circuit. But just as the Blue Ridge Mountains are still a beautiful and majestic mountain range, analog circuits can still create some monster fuzz tones. Enter the Blue Ridge Fuzz. 

Listen to the Blue Ridge Fuzz and Fire on “FastSlowMediumGo”

Made by Hand at a Cabin in the Woods

This single knob, ultra-high gain silicon transistor fuzz circuit provides Earth moving gain and peak forming sustain. The BRF responds exceptionally well to the volume knob on your guitar. Roll it back for clean-but-kinda-gritty Jimi tones or crank it up for mind-bending fuzz and dirt. Need even more gain? Twist that chicken head! But be prepared, the BRF can unleash enough gain to drive a tube amp to distortion or an upstairs neighbor to tears. 

Painstakingly handmade, one at a time, at a cabin in the woods.


  • All hand-wired circuitry made from top-quality components.
  • Hand painted 1590b enclosure. 
  • While the Blue Ridge Mountains get their characteristic blue tint from the isoprene released by the trees, the Blue Ridge Fuzz gets its glow from a blue LED.
  • Standard 2.1 mm 9-volt negative ground jack. AC adapter not included. No battery strap, be kind to the Earth 🙂
  • t’s not perfect, it’s handmade. Minor surface blemishes may be present. Does not in any way affect the monster fuzz tone.

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