Introducing the Tribal Axe Custom Guitar Series

tribal axe custom guitars
The Tribal Axe Custom Guitar Series combines native art and electric guitars!

The Tribal Axe Story

The story of the Tribal Axe series began several months ago went we sent a batch of five Stratocaster-style bodies to our secret contact deep in the Amazon basin. It took weeks to traverse the Javary tributary delta near the Peruvian border where a  tribe of “uncontacted” people — the indigenous Wakamuambo Tribe — make their home.

Drying outside on a North Jersey afternoon

The Wakamuambo were eager to share their stories and traditions with us through the sacred art of wood carving. Each of the five guitar bodies was crafted by a team of artists: a master carver, an apprentice, a shaman, and an elder versed in tribal lore and legends. The teams worked quickly, and within a few days, the tribal craftsmen blessed us with five unique pieces of “living art” in the shape of Strat bodies! The story of the Wakamuambo people can finally be told!

Five Tribal Axes Are Born!

The five guitars that emerged from this life-changing journey are:

Rocco and I assembled these guitars in our Riverdale, New Jersey, front porch workshop. All guitars use quality components — high-end potentiometers, switches, and cloth wire. There’s nothing cheap inside!

Listen To The Tribal Axe Custom Guitar Series in action!
A closer look at the Tribal Axe Custom Guitar series.

Learn more about the Tribal Axe Custom Guitar Series.

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